Passenger flights
We have been flying passengers since 1988, we were actually the first company to get the AOC (air operators certificate) for balloon flights in Finland. Most of the time we fly in Helsinki, Turku and southern Finland, but we are happy to fly anywhere in the country, even in Lapland.

Our chief pilot is Peter Lindholm. He was one of the first licensed balloon-pilots in our country. He was the first to get the rating for commercial balloon-flights in Finland. Competition achievements include two gold medals and several of other colours in Finnish nationals and a 7th place in the Europeans 1990. The finnish long-distance record, 428 kms, is from 2008.

Additional to Peter Lindholm, our balloons are also flown by Jari Salmela, Samuel Holm and Tuomas Holm. They are all very skilled and experienced pilots. Our ground crew is also very skilful and experienced. They take care of a professional and smooth ground operation.

Balloon sales and service
We are dealers of Lindstrand Hot-Air Balloons. We also provide the maintenance and repairservices for all Lindstrand balloons in our country. About 20% of the Finnish balloons are from Lindstrands.

Balloon advertising
A Hot-Air Balloon is an effective means of advertising. We actually use two of our balloons to advertise our own company. Please contact us if you are interested to buy a balloon with your brand on it.

Contact info
Raffica Oy, Better Balloons Hot-Air Balloon flights
Helsinki-Malmi Airport, building 17, 00700 HELSINKI
puh: 0400-308 991
e-mail: info@kuumailmapallo.com